The Silly Season is almost upon us and I am sure you are rushing around finishing all your last minute Christmas shopping. Instead of giving you a gift guide this year, I wanted to provide some inspiration with how to personalise your gifts with ideas on how to present them and gift wrap them in individual and unique ways. These ideas are really inexpensive and can be achieved by using a few basics; brown wrapping paper, rosemary branches, a printer, string or ribbon, family and friend photos, pens, pencils, scissors and your creative imagination.

I think it is always really nice to personalise your gifts or wrap them all in a very similar way through inventive ideas, such as using cupcake patties and letters to identify which present belongs to which person.

Unifying your gifts with wrapping paper and brown paper can also allow for a really unique and festive feeling and style under your Christmas tree. I always feel it is important to carry through your individual style and the style of your home even through trends, fads or seasons, so why not carry it through your gifts too?



I know you may think it is a waste of time as they are just going to get opened, but there is a lot to be said for a great style and the feeling of getting a very thoughtfully, personalised and funky looking package. It is all in the presentation… and who knows if it is good enough, they may just keep that photo or funky tag.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for continually supporting the Men Behaving Handy website, blog and my business, JDZ Designs. Look forward to seeing you all on social media and on the blog, back with bigger and better posts in 2015.


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