Novice Woodworking Projects That Are Fun to Do

When you begin to plan a carpentry or woodworking project, one of the hardest tasks is deciding on which type of wood you are going to use. After all, this will influence which tools you purchase and many of the other expenses that you must manage.

The good news is that custom carpentry has become increasingly popular throughout the world. There are so many carpentry and woodworking professionals available who are willing to teach novices on how to safely conduct their woodworking projects while making them fun too.

The internet is filled with websites which offer woodworking project tutorials, carving tips, tool kits, and lots of carpentry services. Someone of any skill level can find helpful materials online for working on their projects. The one you choose will depend on your time, budget, and skill level.

Beginner Projects

You will eventually develop your woodworking skill as time goes on. But if you have never worked on any woodworking projects before, then you need to choose the easiest and simplest ones that you can find.

It is important that you learn how to use the tools properly and be conscious of the safety procedures that need to be followed. One thing you will learn quickly is the amount of space that will be needed for certain woodworking projects.

Start with the smaller projects which don’t require a lot of space, especially if you’re living in a small apartment.

Here are some project ideas to help get you started:

The Cutting Board – There is no easier woodworking project than this. You are just taking an untreated piece of hardwood and shaping it with a table saw. All you need to cut are straight lines and sharp angles. That should be simple for a novice.

When you are done cutting, just sand the wood with sandpaper. Then you are finished.

Frames – Whenever you hang a photograph or work of art on the wall, it is going to be in a frame. You can also hang diplomas, paintings, and other personal items in frames on the wall too.

If you want to make your own wooden frame, you just need a saw and some plain wood. The edges will need to be filed off with the saw until you have the right shape. The easiest shapes will be rectangles and squares.

Pet Bed – Create a pet bed for your pet. This will be impressive enough to show off to people. All you need are wooden planks, a nail gun, and wood glue. Use the glue on the edges of the planks to seal them together.

You will need to add wood to the base so that your pet has something comfortable to sleep on.

Wine Rack – Save money by creating your own home-based wine rack. You just need wood, a nail gun, and some glue to enhance your kitchen into a classy rustic environment. When you are done, anyone who sees the kitchen will be amazed with how well organised it is.

Gameboards – You can create wooden gameboards for many different purposes. You could make a golf gameboard by taking a wooden plank and drill a ball-size hole in it. Something this simple would just require a saw and drilling machine. Just get creative and have fun with it.

Wind Chime – Most wind chimes that are sold in stores are made from plastic or steel. However, you can create your own earthly style wind chimes by making them from wood instead. You’ll want to use lighter wood so that your wooden poles can easily be moved by the wind. The tools you’ll need are a drilling machine, glue, and nail gun.

Novice Toolkit for Woodworking

Woodworking requires you to use a variety of different tools. If you are not sure which tools to use for your project, you can always search the internet or go to

If you do not have access to the internet or are unable to find the information that you’re looking for, visit your local hardware store and see if they have an instruction manual available.

Here are the basic tools that most woodworking projects require:

Portable Table Saw – This tool can be used virtually anywhere, even in an apartment.

Track/Circular Saw – This saw adds more stability to your cutting. Great for evening out the sides and surfaces of the wood.

Drill Press – You need a drill press to drill holes in wood. The drill press should be 12 inches or 10 inches. 


You will always want to keep safety on your mind while working on any woodworking project. Aside from using the right tools, you need to wear the proper safety gear as well. Safety goggles for your eyes would be an example of important gear to wear.

If you are not sure how to use any of the tools, read the instructions for them carefully. Always be careful with the tools, especially if you are a beginner. Always call a professional carpenter if you do not know about tools or doing it for first time.

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