French Provincial is a very classical and elegant look, that often finds itself presented with antique style looking furniture, soft timbers, beautiful upholsteries and lovely finishes.

This classical look is very inviting and a style, I find as an Interior Designer, clients want to achieve most. It has a high end type of feel which I think many like to achieve in their home or office. 

Characteristics of the French Provincial is also timber washed furniture, white furnishings, florals and homewares that are filled with details. It has a very elegant classical old world feel that one imagines and relates straight to France, as all European cities have that extreme antique and ancient look about them.

What I love about French Provincial is the ability to be able to rejuvenate old furniture to make it look like it is part of this style. It is a great style that can be adapted even into a more modern or rustic look.A great colour palette for french provincial are soft colours as well as blues, purples, pinks, white, beige and pastels.

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