Styling for your event


In continuation from last weeks post about my colour inspiration, it really got me thinking about what really makes a good event. Down here in Sydney over the next month I am actually styling a very special event, which is not only very exciting but so much fun as well. The thing is, when it comes to interiors and furnishing, it does not stop at your large items such as your dining table, chairs etc. it actually, well I believe anyway, all comes together with the details, the little things, accessories, dinner plates that compliment, everything must tie together and that is how you really achieve a great sense of style for your home.

When it comes to an event wether it be just a birthday or a dinner party it is exciting to be able to entertain your guests by creating a really good atmosphere and experience to talk about, because of course you want everyone to enjoy themselves at your event. Of course, in saying this, if you are just having your normal Tuesday night dinner of course you do not need to make it amazing every week, but if you have a very special occasion coming up and are stuck as to how to make it work well or style it, then here are some tips for you.

1. I talk about this a lot when it comes to interiors and indoor space, but let me assure you this tip applies to any given space, outdoor, indoor, event … whatever it may be, it is all about zoning. Zoning the space so that it has areas and sequence. If you set out particular areas to particular things such as “sitting area” or “standing area” you begin to set out a logical and functional entertaining space.

2. Decorations are the next big thing, think about how you can inform your guests about particular things at the event in interesting ways. Is it through little tags on your straws, is it by some funky signs, is it by using lights to light up the seating zoned area. If you have a particular theme going then think about how you can embrace that theme in a really unique way. For example with the orange and blue colour combination, could you use oranges and blue berries to decorate your fruit platter and offer only orange inspired fruits? Do you serve an interesting orange fruit punch with little blue jelly cups? Flower combinations are always a great simple styling tool as well and make it all tie back to your central idea and your event will come to life.

3. Always when it comes to designing or organising things, there are a million and one options, try and keep your inspiration and ideas to a set few, maybe even to four or five that all connect together so that it is not overloaded and it does not make for a difficult process for you. The more options and ideas you have the more complicated styling or making a decision becomes, keep it simple and keep your ideas to a set four for your event and I am sure you will make for a great evening or day.

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