First Impressions Start With Your Driveway

How does high pressure cleaning benefit me?

It’s the first thing you see when you arrive home and the last thing you see as you reverse out, what am I? As the hot topic of driveways continues to flourish amongst first homeowners as well as current owners, we can all agree that countless hours were spent choosing the perfect driveway. If only such thought and care would continue through the years as we neglect our once perfect driveway. As a guide, we will show you how easy it is to maintain and revive that oil stained, tyre marked, mossy and weather beaten driveway; giving your house that ‘curb appeal’ it deserves.

Saves time

When it comes to home maintenance not everyone has the time to get down and dirty, especially if it involves scrubbing a dirty driveway. High pressure cleaning goes without saying, the easiest method to get the job done. Being able to cleanse such a large area at such a high speed makes ease when trying to remove stubborn stains and other nasties.

Cost effective

Regular pressure cleaning is a much more cost-effective method in cleaning your driveway. Washing away grime, fungus, moss and other stains can actually increase the life of your driveway and could save you thousands in repairs in the future. Neglecting these stains can lead to mould build up which can contribute to rot and decay. With a clean driveway, it makes it visible to see if there is any damage that can be repaired before it gets worse.

Reduces risks and is environmentally safe

A neglected driveway brings about all kinds of risks and health hazards. With our children running around and playing on the driveway, wouldn’t you want to reduce as much risk as possible?  These risks are linked to slips, falls and harmful contaminants that seem to live and germinate with the concrete. High pressure cleaning the driveway prevents any harmful bacteria from growing as this could have an adverse effect on your family’s health. As selfish as we are about our health, let’s not forget about the environment! Being able to use eco-friendly liquids or even just hot water keeps everyone healthy and happy.

Increasing your property value

In the real estate industry the term ‘curb appeal’ is thrown around quite a bit and it is exactly what you think it is. It’s all about first impressions, if you have a pristine unstained and well kept driveway, there is no doubt that it will add value to your house. A neglected driveway with cracks appearing, moss and fungus growing along with oil stains shows that your property is not well maintained. With high pressure cleaning we can ensure that your property not only looks good but also increase in value.

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