Gutter & Roof Repair

Efficient gutter repair in Perth

Consistent gutter and roof maintenance is essential for any home. Whether you’ve noticed mould, water stains, or a damaged gutter, the reliable roof experts at Men Behaving Handy are ready to carry out efficient gutter repair in Perth whenever you need. 

From routine inspections and dependable maintenance, to urgent fixes and replacements, our team of qualified tradespeople are here to help.

Gutter clean-outs

Blocked gutters are a leading cause of home damage, making yearly clean-outs and fast gutter repair in Perth essential for the safety of your property. Gutters full of leaves and debris are unable to efficiently drain water, often leading to leaks inside your home.

Failing to regularly clean your gutters and downpipes is a fire hazard, as well as a prime mosquito breeding ground, with the intense Australian summer heat risking a fire from that build-up of dried leaves. Those living in leafier areas may need a clean out 2-3 times a year.

High-pressure cleans

The only way to effectively clean your roof is through high-pressure cleaning. Top-quality equipment utilised by the professionals at Men Behaving Handy is a guaranteed way to remove build-up of mould, debris, and dirt, from your gutters and roof.

As well as maintaining a clean, aesthetically pleasing home, high-pressure cleans prevent the accumulation of debris which stops damage and deterioration occurring over time. 

Tile and roof repair in Perth

Your roof protects your home, and leaving it vulnerable to water leaks means risking detrimental damage. Should you notice mould or discoloration on your ceiling or windows, or damaged tiles on the roof, it’s imperative to call in our experts in roof repair in Perth immediately. Each qualified roofer can advise whether it’s time to replace your gutters and downpipes, or carry out essential roof repairs.

Ridge replacement or repair

The replacement of ridges and valley irons is a key part of long-term roof maintenance, with each metal valley iron responsible for transporting water to the gutters. 

Ridges ensure your roof is waterproof, and once damaged can lead to water seeping in via intersections, potentially causing structural damage. Replacing or repairing ridges via re-pointing (completing joints between ridges and roof tiles) and re-bedding (cement mortar that fixes ridge-capping to ridges) protects your home from mould, water damage, and flooding.

Leaks and mould

By carrying out thorough inspections alongside each task of gutter maintenance or roof repair in Perth, Men Behaving Handy ensures no stone (or leak) is left unturned. Small sections of mould can be a sign of a much larger problem, as it grows under moist conditions typical of water leaks. Minor cracks can lead to massive water damage, making quality gutter repair and downpipe replacement essential to a secure home.

Effective roof repair in Perth 

Men Behaving Handy pride ourselves on having a friendly team of qualified tradespeople, ready to help restore your home in an efficient, and effective, manner. Whether you require a small roof inspection or thorough gutter-clean out, each expert roofer is dedicated to maintaining your home and preventing long-term damage from occurring.

Contact us today to discuss your gutter repair or replacement needs, or to book an urgent visit from one of our helpful roof professionals now.

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