Handyman Services in Subiaco

Men Behaving Handy provides only the best handyman services in the Subiaco area. We have a team of skilled handymen who can work on virtually any home or building project. These handymen are all masters of their trade and have years of experience servicing the great people of Subiaco. These tradespeople include renovators, carpenters, builders, plumbers, electricians and more. If you need maintenance or repair work for your property, give us a call to arrange a time for the service person to visit.


Men Behaving Handy provides a comprehensive range of property maintenance services that span from Subiaco to all the waterfront suburban areas of Perth. If you are a local business owner or homeowner, you will greatly benefit from the services that we have to offer. These include the following:

Office Renovation – You may spend a lot of time in an office. If your office is unorganized or unpleasant looking, an office fit-out and renovation might be the thing it needs. Men Behaving Handy can suggest the best ways of making your office look the way you’ve always envisioned it to be.

Carpentry – Carpentry might be an old trade, but it is still a relevant one. Modern properties continue to require wooden features, whether it’s the flooring of your home or the fence in your backyard. If you need a wooden feature built or repaired, the skilled carpenters at Men Behaving Handy can handle these tasks easily.

Painting – A fresh coat of paint can go a long way in restoring or renovating a property. But sometimes this is not always as easy as it looks, especially if the surface of your walls or siding is uneven or cracked. Let the painters at Men Behaving Handy smooth out the surfaces and deliver a coat of paint that won’t chip away.

Flooring/Tiling – The installation of tiling and flooring can enhance the aesthetics and pleasantness of a room. This is a job that is quite extensive and should be performed by professional floorers who are experienced with ceramic tiling, vinyl tiling, wooden flooring, carpeting, and so on.

Roof Repairs – Your roof and gutters are what protect your property from rainwater. If either one of these areas gets damaged, it could cause a major water leak to occur in the interior of your property. Let the roofers of Men Behaving Handy repair your roof and/or gutters so that these leaks never occur.

A lot of property maintenance service providers in Perth will only serve customers in certain suburbs of Perth. The good news is that Men Behaving Handy serves all the suburbs of the city, including Subiaco.  We have satisfied numerous customer service requests throughout Subiaco for many years now. These are diverse groups of customers who are business owners, office workers, landlords, and residential homeowners. Whichever one you are, we can help.

You can contact Men Behaving Handy at 08 9418 5662 to request a service call or ask any questions that you might have about our services. We have some of the most competitive rates in all of Subiaco. You will receive a free estimate before any work is started. Call today and we’ll send a handyman to your address pronto

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