Highly-Rated and Professional Handyman Services in Cottesloe

Do you own a property in Cottesloe? Does the property need improvements, repairs, or installations? Men Behaving Handy specializes in handling all of these tasks and more. For many business owners and residents of Cottesloe, we are the only game in town when it comes to professional handyman services. Our elite team of tradesmen and technicians are the best in the business. We can handle property renovation and improvement projects all throughout Cottesloe. Contact us at 0411 270 189 to find out more.

Here is just a sample of what our team can do for you:

Painting – Do the inner or outer walls of your property look ugly? You could try to paint the walls yourself, but you’ll quickly find that painting is not as easy as it looks. It requires a unique skill in knowing how to apply the paint so that it doesn’t streak or bubble up on the walls. Only a professional painter can apply perfectly even strokes of paint without any irregularities in them. We have painters like this on standby just waiting to paint the walls of your property.

Clean Gutters – Anyone with gutters on their property needs to have them cleaned. An amateur shouldn’t try to clean their own gutters because of the danger of climbing the ladder and going up onto the roof. You need to know how to manoeuvre around the roof as you remove the unwanted elements from the gutters, such as sticks and leaves. Men Behaving Handy can safely clear out your gutters, so the rainwater has a chance to flow smoothly down the drainpipe and away from your roof.

Remove Garbage – Don’t let garbage build up on your property because it can become a health hazard. In some cases, it may get you in legal trouble if the garbage pileup is considered unsanitary. Besides, wouldn’t you be more comfortable in a home without garbage all over the place? Men Behaving Handy can serve as your designated garbage collectors when it comes to unusually large amounts of garbage, including having garbage like old beds or furniture. Let us get rid of these unwanted items for you quickly.

Property Management – Do you need an experienced team of property managers to watch over your property and deal with your tenants? If so, then Men Behaving Handy has some very experienced property managers who are up for the task. Whether you own a house or a flat building, we can have our property management team on the job in a moment’s notice. Then you don’t have to stress over things like collecting rent or making minor repairs.

Office Relocation – Do you have plans to move to a new office? This can be an exciting experience, except for having to relocate your existing office items. You probably have lots of office furniture, cabinets, computer equipment, laptops, and even plants that you need to be relocated. That is okay because Men Behaving Handy can relocate any of your office items to another office location in Cottesloe. Just let us know the addresses of your old and new offices, and we can give you an estimate on our prices.

Our contact phone number is 0411 270 189. You can ask us any questions that you have or make an appointment for a service call.

You Can Trust Us

Men Behaving Handy possesses all the necessary licenses, insurance coverage, and educational credentials to perform handyman-related duties on properties in Cottesloe. Not only do we have inexpensive prices, but we have more service variety than any other company in Cottesloe as well. That means you will get a great deal if you purchase multiple services from us. Call to find out more.

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