An Overview of Office Relocation

Nobody is ever really excited to move. Perhaps they enjoy the redecorating and designing, but the actual moving part doesn’t bring joy to anyone. Relocating your office can be highly stressful, even if you don’t realise it at first.

That is why your number one concern should be finding an awesome company to help you out throughout the process so that you can avoid as much stress and hassle as possible. People move may move business premises for many reasons, but no matter what, the process is essentially the same. Maybe they are after a bigger office space, easier access, better amenities, or more customers, but you definitely want the relocation done as soon as possible as easy as possible.

In this article, we will take an in-depth overview of office relocation and all of the things involved. Let’s get into it!

How a professional can help

Everyone knows that professionals do it best and hiring one is definitely in your best interest. Many businesses offering office relocation have been doing it for a number of years and will incorporate their expertise and knowledge into the whole process. Maybe your clothing shop has too many things that simply won’t fit in your car, or maybe your bakery is relocating to a far bigger location as it grows.

No matter the circumstance, a professional office relocation service can mean everything to your relocation process. Men Behaving Handy are trained in a wide range of office moving specialities and will do anything humanly possible to make sure that your relocation process is as exciting as you’d hoped it would be. We love our clients, so as long as you’re excited, we are too!

Our wonderful team can cater to all of your different needs so that you aren’t left with any bits and pieces to move. Having moved many businesses over the years, big and small, we know the system and we know how important it is that everything gets to your new location in one piece, so we will do absolutely everything in our power to make that happen for you, no matter what.

Office relocation checklist

We know office relocation, and we know our awesome clients too. That is why we have put together this comprehensive checklist to help you figure out exactly what you need to complete your office relocation successfully. If you are planning an office relocation any time soon, this checklist is exactly what you need right now, because we know that no move is easy, so we want to give you something that may make it just a little more bearable.

You will need to move precious cargo, large pieces of furniture, fragile electronics, printers, and you will also need to put aside plenty of time to prep for the relocation process. However, with Men Behaving Handy and this comprehensive checklist, you don’t have to be worried or stressed anymore. You will be able to efficiently prepare for your office relocation and make the move in the best way possible to cut down on the relocation time, stress, and hassle. If you’re still unsure, let the professional and friendly team at Men Behaving Handy lend you a hand! Let’s take a look at this awesome checklist!

  1. Put together a budget
    The first step you need to take in the midst of your office relocation is a legitimate budget. You don’t want to overcommit or under commit, and you certainly don’t want to be hit with any nasty or hidden costs, so being straightforward with yourself, as well as the removal company, will ensure that you’re not hit with any unexpected costs. Luckily, you can leave that dreaded part to us by calling our friendly team today for a completely free quote.You will be able to receive an obligation free quote and very friendly service here at Men Behaving Handy.
  2. Organisation
    When you begin your office relocation process, it is essential that you become organised. An office relocation without organisation is the ideal recipe for disaster and even destruction. Start to sort what you are keeping and throw away what you don’t need. Getting rid of dead weight can be the perfect way to start afresh in your beautiful new office location.Any move is the perfect motivator to sort through old paperwork and documents as well as anything else that may be unnecessary in your new office. Remember that huge box of ‘who knows what’ that has been sitting in the corner for six years? Yeah, well it is time to start going through that because it is only going to sit in your new office and bug you for the next six years. When you know a move is coming, you and your employees should be prepared to start organising things.

    You should all prepare to throw away things that are no longer serving you as well as throwing away things that are no longer relevant.

  3. Number your items
    If you have a standard-issue item, such as desks, you may want to number them before your move to ensure that each staff member ends up with the desk that was originally theirs. If your employees have a large number of standard-issue items, provide your employees with a number and then get them to number each of their items the same. That way, Jane Doe’s items will all be numbered with a 5 and John Doe’s will be numbered with a 2 to avoid any confusion.
  4. Prepare your IT team
    Your IT team are an important part of your business, so ensuring that they are prepared for the move is an incredibly important part of the process. Make sure that your IT team are equipped with their own plan to ensure the smoothest and most seamless transition for your business. This includes getting all of their PC’s, hardware cables, telephones, and any other technology ready for the move.
  5. Ensure that you have building access granted
    Make sure that on the day/days of your office relocation that you have building access granted and that the building owner/owners know what is going on, so it comes as no shock when there are strangers moving things in and out of their building. Make sure that you are also aware and have made your removalists aware of how they will get in and out and navigate their way through the building. This includes making the removal company aware of lifts, stairs, and any other things they may need to be made aware of.Sending a floorplan to your removalists, staff, and all the departments, companies, and others helping with the move will ensure that the end product is as perfect as possible.
  6. Purchase the correct packaging material
    Making sure that all of your beloved office items are safely packed with the correct packaging material during your move will ensure that everything gets there as safe as possible. Though sometimes things may happen that are out of peoples control, it is a good idea to ensure that your packaging is perfect to avoid any bad things happening such as breakage or destruction. Some things to purchase may include, but are not limited to:
    – Bubble Wrap
    – Plastic bags
    – Cartons
    – Strapping
    – Tape
    – Mailroom packaging
    – Void fills
    – Double-sided tape
    – VelcroThe company you choose may also package things for you, so before going and purchasing all of these things, some of which may be unnecessary, contact your removalists to explore your options.
  7. Move the way your business needs to be moved
    Not all businesses will be moved the same way, a good removalist company knows that, so discussing what your business involves will make sure that the relocation process is as perfect as possible. Whether you have a giant corporation, a small business, or a medium-sized business, the right company will make sure that your business is moved the way it needs to be moved instead of incurring massive costs that prove unnecessary. You need to organise your move in the best way possible.Men Behaving Handy can help you put together a good plan to ensure a seamless relocation process for your business and will define a specific and unique plan which has been made specifically for you and your business. This way you can make sure that your office relocation is done in the perfect way for your business and that you are moved on time and within budget.
  8. Prepare your new place
    Last, but certainly not least, we get to the fun part of the whole process, the moving in! Now that your amazing office relocation company has brought all of your important things to your new and beautiful location, it is time to prepare your new place and space! Now is the time that your inner interior designer needs to shine through.You have made it through the dreaded relocation process and now it is time to celebrate and decorate your new and exciting space to make it your own. Make space for office plants, your furniture, new and beautiful artwork, kitchen appliances, and any other décor you feel your wonderful new space needs. Now is the time to begin enjoying your new space, this is most certainly the fun part of the checklist.

The cost of office relocation

It can be hard to determine the cost of your office relocation, simply because many companies will offer many different options. What that also means is that each company will offer you a completely different price. Shopping around is most definitely your best options because that way you can ensure that you not only have the best removalists but also that you aren’t paying too much for your service.

One thing to remember is that cheaper is not always necessarily better. Though it may feel better on your bank account, you could be left with a less than ideal relocation process which will not only impact how your business will start back up, but it may also remove any excitement you had surrounding your brand new office relocation. You really do get what you pay for, so going for the cheapest option may not be in your best interest.

As said above, the cost of office relocation can vary for many different reasons. Generally, you can rely on the size of your business, the number of employees, the number of things needing to be removed, and the number of hard copy files to give you a rough indicator of the price you can expect to pay. However, there may also be many other costs you need to consider.

Though you really don’t need to worry, because, at Men Behaving Handy, you can get a free quote and an unlimited amount of help during your removal process. All you need to do is contact our awesome team. There are some key costs you can expect when it comes to office relocation and they include but are not limited to:

  • Moving furniture
  • Moving appliances
  • Moving equipment
  • Moving machines
  • Moving paper files
  • Marketing your move so that your customers know where you are going
  • Marketing your move so that your customers know what is happening
  • Getting your new office ready to move in
  • Finalising insurance, utility connections, compliance processes, specific requirements, and more
  • Acquiring a temporary storage facility so that you can fill your office slowly instead of just throwing your things into the new space

There are plenty of other costs associated, but if you are ever unsure, just contact your removalist service and they will be more than happy to help you navigate your office relocation process so that you are never left confused or guessing. Most office relocation companies will offer you a fixed-price office relocation service, however, smaller businesses may offer an hourly rate to you that can also vary greatly. Preparing a budget is the best way to make sure that you pay the right amount and aren’t hit with any costs you do not see coming.

There are certainly ways to minimise the cost of office relocation, and they are:

  • Prepare your budget – Put together an accurate budget when you are putting together your office relocation process. By providing an accurate budget, your office relocation company will be able to ensure that you don’t go over budget or spend too much money which will harm your business in the long run. Though it can be hard to put together a budget alone, so if you are stuck, consider asking for professional help. Professional help can usually be found when you contact your removalist service, most of the time, they will be more than happy to help you out.
  • Plan your move well – One of the most essential things to completing a successful and fuss-free office relocation is to have a great and thorough plan in place to make sure that it all goes smoothly. This way, you can provide your removalist company with a plan and they will also be able to provide you with a more accurate plan in return, so it works well and in everyone’s favour.
  • Re-use or sell equipment that is no longer needed – Sometimes, all you need to do is to get rid of dead weight. Perhaps the dead weight in your office is an old desk that isn’t being used, or maybe it is a slightly worn chair. No matter what, many of these things you consider to be dead weight may actually be very valuable to someone else or make an excellent addition to your new office, even if it didn’t have a place in your old one. To cut down on some costs, consider selling some furniture or items you don’t use and put the money towards your office relocation instead of paying out of pocket. This can help a lot when it comes to saving money in the midst of your office relocation.
  • Trust Men Behaving Handy – Another way to ensure that you are paying only the necessary costs is to find a company that won’t take advantage of you in time your time of need. Our friendly, qualified, and reliable team here at Men Behaving Handy will make sure that you don’t pay any ridiculous costs when it comes to your office relocation. With Men Behaving Handy, there are no hidden costs or surprises, the quote you get is the quote that sticks unless there are unexpected jobs to be done. With us, you are safe, cared for, and completely backed by our experience and knowledge.

Critical tips for office relocation

Moving is an exciting time, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its own set of responsibilities. However, in saying that, it also shouldn’t be an overly complicated or stressful process. In a recent survey, many people named office relocations as one of the most stressful things a business will endure during its time, and we completely see why.

That is why so many companies will remain in small, cramped, or less than ideal spaces, simply because they don’t want to deal with any of the stress that comes along with office relocation. Though here at Men Behaving Handy, we want to completely remove the stress that comes along with office relocations so that you can actually enjoy the process and remain excited about it. That is why we have put together another great list of critical tips that you can listen to, to make sure you have the best chance at a fast and efficient move.

Let’s take a look.

  1. Plan your move early
    As soon as you know a move may be in the near future, you should begin planning. This will ensure that your move will be as fuss-free as possible. Some key things to put in your plan will be your moving date, the company you are using, the time frame for relocation, and your schedule. It will definitely come in handy when identifying the costs for hiring movers and will help when it comes to making decisions.
  2. Communicate
    Communicating with your employees, the company, and the owners of the building you were in and the one you’re moving into now will make the process as easy as possible. It is one of the most important tips to remember because it can mean everything when you are moving to a new location. Keeping everyone up to date will help the entire process run smoothly and here are some things everyone should know:

    1. Important moving dates
    2. The new address
    3. New phone numbers
    4. New fax numbers
    5. Any prominent changes
    6. New building rules
    7. Packing and unpacking arrangements
  3. Assign a project manager
    Moving office locations requires a huge team effort, so assigning a project manager can be an awesome thing to do during this time. They can help navigate your whole team throughout the project with will further aid in a stress-free office relocation. The person you choose should have great multi-tasking abilities, a leader’s personality, a desire to lead, great organisational skills, and near-perfect communication skills.
  4. Hire professionals
    The best way to ensure that the process is pretty much perfect is to hire a professional office relocation company. It is essential to do this to ensure that the whole process is as good as possible so that you can really enjoy your new office space. Professional moving companies will have the knowledge, expertise, and resources available to make the whole process ideal for you and your wonderful team.

With many years of experience, certified and insured handymen, and a whole range of wonderful services, Men Behaving Handy are here for all of your office relocation needs. So, for your next office relocation, leave the heavy lifting to us and fill in the Job Request Form. Then, all you need to worry about is where to put everything in your new office.