Need a Handyman Service in Perth? Men Behaving Handy has you covered!

At least 3 in 5 Australian homes have a huge list of jobs that need to be done that just aren’t getting done. Perhaps you don’t have the time, or maybe you have better things to do. Perhaps you even just cannot be bothered.

Whatever the problem is, handymen are here to save the day! If the jobs around your office and home aren’t getting done and you can’t walk past them without grimacing, then you need to call a handyman! Stop letting the jobs build up and become a problem later on, instead, get a handyman around to do your job. They will have it done in no time at all. It is their job, after all!

Have you ever heard of a swiss army knife and how they are basically a multi-tool and multi-purpose object? Well, funnily enough, handymen are just the same. Once you start to look at the services that wonderful handyman businesses offer, you will see just how similar handymen are to a swiss army knife. These multi-tasking magicians can do anything from hanging a picture to building a door frame and will complete any job you require with absolute ease.

Handyman services include, but certainly are not limited to:

  • Minor repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Shop fit-outs
  • Concreting
  • Door fitting
  • Flatpack assemblies
  • Fencing
  • Tile repairs & flooring
  • Gardening
  • Roofing & Guttering
  • Replacing light globes and batteries in smoke alarms
  • Door handles & locks
  • Asbestos removal
  • Hanging signs, pictures & artwork
  • Furniture moving
  • Flyscreens repair & install
  • Wall patching

Whether it is your front gate, backyard, or any little thing in between, handymen are here to help and make sure your to-do list turns in to a done list. If you are after property maintenance, handyman services can accommodate for that and more to make sure you have your list ticked off and completed. Whether you are renting or have purchased your house, there are bound to be things that need one-off maintenance or continued maintenance, and it is completely understandable that it can become expensive.

From pets, children, parties, and simply time, your property will be a little run down at times and our job is to make sure that it doesn’t stay that way. Your property matters and you don’t want to see its value diminish, so to keep it looking good, consider checking out some great, affordable, and thorough handyman services. Owning your own home requires your full attention but renting even more so as if you don’t stay up to date with the upkeep, your home will look overrun and your landlord will be less than impressed.

Either way, these are your investments and they matter, so keeping them looking amazing is in your best interest at all times. While you may think you will never need handyman services, you will be surprised at the odd little events that could arise. For example, when toddlers and animals come along, you never know what could happen, so being aware and having a handyman service on speed dial is always a good idea.

General living alone can be fairly tough on your walls and floors among other things, but when you add toddlers and animals into the mix, it becomes even more worn. Even insect screens, driveways, cupboard doors, bedroom doors, and many more things are not exempt from the wrath of children and animals.

In all honesty, maintaining your property now could mean that later on, you will have less to worry about and as you get older, your property will not age with you. If expensive and large bills are not something you want in your future, considering a handyman now will save you a lot of future stress. If you are in a good financial position to have your property maintained then it comes highly recommended, because when your home looks good, you will feel good.

Become the envy of all your friends and shock them with your sparkling clean, damage-free, and simply stunning home. The whole goal of property maintenance is to reduce the impact, damage, and wear in the long run, and with our great handyman services in Perth, you will be able to do exactly that. This will not only help your wallet over time but also give you pride of place when visitors are over. Your mental health will also skyrocket when you are able to live in a neat, clean, safe, secure, and overall beautiful home.

When it comes to handymen that do continued maintenance around the home, they aren’t strangers anymore, they become part of the family that you just can’t live without. Maybe you have an awesome handyman that you use, or perhaps you are looking for one. Either way, you know that handymen are pretty much superheroes and they offer a plethora of great services. In fact, let’s take a good look at some of the great services handymen offer.


Humans have been working with wood for millennia and during that time we’ve become pretty good at it. There have been plenty of famous carpenters down the years. One bearded carpenter, in particular, who lived about 2,000 years ago comes to mind. While handymen can’t promise to work actual miracles with woodwork, carpenters come pretty close.

Carpenters can help repair, maintain, build, and install:

  • Benches
  • Cupboards and shelving
  • Doors and doorframes
  • Decking
  • Flooring
  • Verandas/Pergolas
  • Skirting board
  • And other surfaces around the house.

Doors and Locks

Handymen offer professional door and lock installation services for any commercial or residential property. The exterior doors of your property are the link between the inside and outside. If you want to protect your home or business from unwanted intrusion, then you need a strong door with a secure lock. As for your internal doors, there may be cases where you’ll want them to be strong and secure, especially if you want certain rooms to have restricted access. Whatever the case may be, handymen can always help.

Contacting a professional team of door and lock installers is necessary whenever you need a new installation or replacement of your existing door and lock. Handymen are great at helping customers increase the security and privacy of their property to give them peace of mind.

Picture and Mirror Hanging

You’ll never see a home, office, or any building without pictures and mirrors hanging up on its interior walls. In a home environment, photographs are hung up to personalize the environment for the family living there. They can walk past these photographs every day and be reminded of the people or places in which they love.

It creates a positive atmosphere filled with joy and good memories. As for mirrors, people love to hang them up in their homes for two reasons. First, people love to see their own reflection to make sure their appearance is good. Second, mirrors serve as decorative pieces for the walls in the same way pictures, and picture frames do.

The shape and rim of the mirrors can add more aesthetic appeal to the walls of a living room, bathroom, hallway, or bedroom.

Plumbing and Gas

Is your old plumbing giving you nightmares? A leaking tap late at night may sound like something out of an Allan Edgar Poe story but even though the incessant dripping might be driving you crazy, it’s more likely to hit your hip pocket first. Dripping taps and banging pipes might be pretty spooky, but it is the potential cost of serious water damage in your home that will really strike terror into your heart.

Handymen are perfect for solving water-based problems such as:

  • Burst pipes
  • Broken hot water systems
  • Faulty taps
  • Multifunctioning toilets
  • Blocked drains
  • Cleaning up water damage
  • Saving money on your water bills
  • Gas installation


When it comes to electrical services, handymen will have you covered in no time with quick and in-depth work. Here are some awesome things they can help you with:

  • Installation of PowerPoints and Surge
  • Installation of Smoke Alarms and Safety Switches
  • Installation and Repair of Light Fittings
  • Switchboard Upgrades
  • Wiring and Rewiring Projects

Rubbish Removal

While one man’s trash isn’t always another man’s treasure, handymen will be more than happy to clear the rubbish from your property, whatever it may happen to be. Whether you have a garage stuffed with rusty tools, a garden full of decomposing plant matter or a pile of old office furniture that is taking up valuable space in your yard, you can rely on your local handyman to deal with it quickly and efficiently.

Here are some kinds of unwanted items that we can get rid of for you:

  • General Waste
  • Clean Hard Fill
  • Green Waste
  • Dirt

If you are unsure if something can be removed, get in contact.

Helifix- Cracked Wall

Cracked brick walls and masonry aren’t just unsightly; they can also affect the structural integrity of your home. The good news is we have some pretty nifty tools that’ll restore your wall to its former glory. With Helifix, your handyman will be able to use non-disruptive installation techniques that help to preserve the look of your home or building. In fact, it’s ideal for just about any dwelling, including houses, offices, factories and heritage sites.

If you’re looking for fast, effective and long-lasting masonry repair and re-enforcement, contact us your local handyman today.

Gutter and Roof Repair

So, you’ve spotted a patch of mould or peeling paint on your ceiling, what next? It’s time to call in the roof and gutter experts. When it comes to your health, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. The same goes for the health of your roof, so we recommend regular roof inspections and gutter cleaning. It’ll go a long way in preventing leaks from happening, and most importantly, preserving the value of your home.

Say goodbye to annoying leaks and unsightly stains and talk to us about:

  • Cleaning gutters
  • Replacing or repairing gutters & downpipes
  • Fitting tiles
  • Replacement of valley iron & ridges
  • Re-pointing or re-bedding ridges
  • High-pressure cleaning


A new coat of paint can completely transform the look of your commercial or residential property. But painting is about more than simply slapping on a coat of paint – it’s a complete process. You can relax knowing that the painters will prepare the surface before painting by sanding, stripping, and filling in any chips or uneven areas. They’ll then re-sand, apply a base coat followed by the final finishing coats – all completed with high attention to detail. Don’t worry about a mess.

The painters will cover all your floors, furniture, door & window frames, power & data points and light switches. In fact, once they’ve finished, you won’t even notice they’ve been there – besides the amazing new paint job of course! From small patch & paintwork, right through to large exterior jobs, the fully licensed painters are ready to roll. Literally!

Tiling and Flooring

Timber, tiles or tongue-in-groove, these fellas know their way around flooring. Nothing transforms a room quite like a new floor so if you’re planning a new home or renovating your current one, let them help bring your vision to life with one of the best handyman services in Perth.

Here are just some of the amazing things your handyman can do:

  • Floor preparation
  • Timber flooring installation
  • Swimming pools
  • Grouting
  • Mosaics
  • Kitchen & bathroom, and more.

Your home is your sanctuary and your kingdom – and that’s exactly how it will be treated.

Office Relocations

If you’re moving home or moving office, chances are you’re not looking forward to the moving part. That’s okay because your handyman will love the exercise! They’ve been handling office relocations for so long, that they have it down to a fine art. With careful planning and efficient process, your handyman will complete the move with minimal disruption to your workplace and in a short period of time, so you can return to a normal workflow.

These great lifters and shifters can help with all aspects of the relocation, including:

  • Pre-move planning
  • Loading/unloading, delivery and setup
  • Systems furniture installations
  • Computer relocation
  • Plant relocations
  • Warehouse relocations
  • Furniture disposal & recycling


They say it takes pressure to make diamonds and with a team of high-pressure cleaning specialists, you’ll have your outdoor area sparkling like one. If you have a build-up of moss or mould, staining from the elements or heavy dirt and grime, your handyman has the equipment and expertise to make it vanish. High-pressure cleaning can be applied to almost every outdoor surface, which includes:

  • Wooden decks and fences
  • Concrete sidewalks
  • Stairs
  • Driveways
  • Brick walls

Plus, for all wooden surfaces like decking, a sealant can be provided for a long-lasting shine.


Whatever project you’ve been planning, a good team of experienced and highly skilled tradesmen get a buzz out of being handy.

Enlist their expert assistance with:

  • Building renovations
  • Home extensions
  • Office & retail fit-outs
  • Backyard makeovers
  • Pergola & deck installation and a whole lot more.

Think the A-Team if it were assembled by Scott Cam. You will have licensed electricians, plumbers, painters and carpenters at your feet – take them all or mix and match as required depending on the scope of your project.

Enlisting a team of tradesmen is more affordable than you may think. Many clients engage handymen on an hourly rate and pay their invoice daily or weekly. By doing so, they’re able to exercise greater control over their budget.

Commercial Services

Time is the most valuable commodity you have in your business, which is why you can’t afford the downtime for installation, repairs, or maintenance. Luckily, your handyman is the one-stop-shop for commercial building maintenance and services, from one-off office relocations to regular property maintenance tasks. The services provided are comprehensive, performed on your schedule, and eco-friendly to shrink your carbon footprint and your handyman is able to complete a one-time job or set up a monthly or bi-monthly contract tailored to your needs and your bottom line.

Health & Safety are vital in the workplace and your handyman wants to work with you to create a safe environment without disrupting your regular workflow.

Residential services

When things go wrong in your home, you need a man who’s good with his tools. Luckily, professional tradies can help with everything from retiling to painting, plumbing and gas and home renovations. Take back your time and get your To-List done so that you can focus on the more important things. Tradies are honest, reliable, and punctual for peace of mind and guaranteed quality of work.

When you choose a good handyman service, here are a few things you can expect:

  • Personalised services– When you deal with your handyman, you’ll find yourself talking to a real person who can help you find the handyman solution that suits your needs.
  • One-stop-shop– Repairs, renovation, and maintenance are what handymen do best, and they pride themselves on being able to handle everything from electrical to plumbing and gas, roof repair, and renovations.
  • High-quality every single time– With years of experience, all of the skills needed, and every bit of the knowledge required and more, your jobs will only be completed to the highest of standards.

If you have been trying to find a handyman without any luck, it is likely that you’re run down, burnt out, and pretty much certain that you’re just going to have to do it yourself, but don’t leave it all to chance. There are plenty of great services around that are willing to help you out and one of them is the amazing Australian based company Men Behaving Handy. Let’s take a good look at their comprehensive, well run, and simply amazing business.

There’s nothing better than a man who is resourceful and luckily at Men Behaving Handy, there are plenty of them. In fact, Men Behaving Handy offers the most comprehensive selection of trade and handyman services. They have Electricians, Plumbers, Painters, Carpenters, and General Handymen with over 100 years cumulative experience ready to complete jobs within Australia.

Don’t waste your valuable time getting quotes when Men Behaving Handy can provide you with a qualified tradesman backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You get exceptional work done and they will even schedule the work when it’s convenient for YOU – no more waiting for tradies to show up! Once the work is completed to your satisfaction, you’ll receive an itemised invoice. Plus, they are GST registered so invoices can be used as a tax deduction.

With locations in Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Mackay, and Melbourne, people Australia wide have access to this great business. They are fully qualified, licenced, and insured and every single tradie/handyman has a police clearance for your peace of mind. Along with that, they are equipped with a 100% satisfaction guarantee which means that every single job has to be completed with professional pride and to the absolute highest standard possible.

The discreet and professional services offered by Men Behaving Handy is simply amazing and can be done to fit into your schedule and workflow for maximised satisfaction. You won’t find a better run and operated handyman business in Australia because a Men Behaving Handy, they really do have it all and better yet, they offer one of the widest ranges of services available to you. If you are looking for professional, high-quality, seamless, friendly, and expert advice or work, get in contact with Men Behaving Handy today and get your whole to-do list turned into a done list.

Why not give Men Behaving Handy a call and speak to a friendly team member to find out how they can help with any project that you need to be done now, in the future, or routinely. Men Behaving Handy are always happy to help and no job is too big or too small for our superhero handymen.

Our experienced handymen can tackle any project needing to be done with pride and professionalism. Contact a friendly member of our team to find out how we can assist and make your house look a million dollars again! Your home is your biggest asset, don’t make it a second thought.

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