Plumbing & Gas

Is your old plumbing giving you nightmares? A leaking tap late at night may sound like something out of an Allan Edgar Poe story but even though the incessant dripping might be driving you crazy, it’s more likely to hit your hip pocket first.

Dripping taps and banging pipes might be pretty spooky, but it is the potential cost of serious water damage in your home that will really strike terror into your heart.

Fear not! Men Behaving Handy’s experienced and licensed plumbers are here to make sure a small issue never turns into a big problem. We’ve made a name for ourselves solving watery mysteries such as:

  • Burst Pipes – Anyone who has had a burst pipe in their home will tell you that it can be a real horror show. Time is of the essence when pipes burst or rupture and they can be difficult to deal with if they are behind walls or under floorboards. At Men Behaving Handy we have a dedicated team of plumbers who can get to your home quickly and diagnose and fix the problem in the minimum amount of time, potentially saving you significant amounts of cash by preventing water-related damage.
  • Broken Hot Water Systems – Malfunctioning hot water systems can literally send a chill down your spine, especially when they occur during winter. There are a number of issues that can cause your water heating system to stop working so it pays to have a certified professional diagnose the problem. Leaks, blockages, rust, faulty radiators, and broken thermostats and heaters can all lead to home heating problems. In some cases, you may even need the services of a plumber and an electrician. Either way, Men Behaving Handy has you covered.
  • Faulty Taps – Yes, it’s the aforementioned leaky tap! Often more of an annoyance than a serious issue, a leaky tap can still cause enough sleepless nights to merit a quick response. If the tap is leaking into a sink, bath or shower then it will likely not do any serious damage. However, if it leaking onto a floor or behind a wall you should get it seen to straight away. The good news is that these are almost always an inexpensive fix, even if an entire tap needs to be replaced.
  • Malfunctioning Toilets – We probably don’t need to go into too much detail about why you’ll want this one fixed as soon as possible. The most common issues with toilets include blockages, failure to flush or incomplete flushes, and all can usually be fixed with the minimum of fuss and relatively little cost by a good plumber.
  • Blocked Drains – While pipe unblockers and chemical drain cleaners will often do the trick with blocked drains and pipes, there will be times you need to bring in the professionals. Anyone who has had a blocked train in their home will tell you that it can be a pretty unpleasant experience and one you will want to sort out as soon as possible. Our plumbers have the equipment and knowhow to reach even the toughest blockages and will get your drains cleared quickly and with the minimum of fuss.
  • Cleaning Up After Water Damage – While we will always endeavour to get a plumber to your home in the fastest time possible, sometimes water damage will occur. Perhaps you had a slow drip that went unnoticed for a few weeks or your house was flooded while you are away? We have handyman services to repair all kinds of damage associated with water leaks. Our carpenters, painters, tiling experts and electricians can have your home looking new again in no time at all.
  • Save Money on Your Water Bill – Do you want to keep your hard-earned dollars from going down the drain? In Perth, the more water you use, the more you are charged per litre, so it pays to have the latest in water-saving plumbing fixtures in your home. Our plumbers have a proven track record installing the latest in water-saving taps, hot water systems, shower heads and toilets, potentially saving you as much as 50% on your annual water costs.
  • We’ve Got Gas! – All of our plumbers are fully qualified gas fitters, appliance installers and hot water system experts. From installing entire hot water systems to detecting and repairing gas leaks, we can deal with any job no matter how big or how small. NOTE: You should never attempt to fix any issue that involves gas yourself. Always leave it to a trained professional.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – We have built a sterling reputation for our handyman services because we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction on each and every project our plumbers undertake. In fact, we call all of our customers personally after every job to make sure they are entirely happy with our work.

We also guarantee maximum flexibility on all projects. If a job is urgent we will get a plumber to your home in the fastest time possible. For other jobs we will ensure that the work is done at a time of your choosing to ensure the minimum amount of disruption.

At Men Behaving Handy, we will go above and beyond to ensure your dripping taps and plumbing problems don’t keep you up at night. If you are looking for a plumber or handyman in Perth, contact us today or fill out our Job Request Form for an immediate appointment.