We are at the final stage of our guide to thinking like an Interior Designer, which means we are pretty much at the stage where projects tend to end, such as furnishings and styling.

Little details are important right throughout the job, but they become even more important towards the end of a project. This is the part where all the little things you have been working towards come together as one, to work simultaneously as well as functioning successful space.


Styling and furnishing is what completes everything, makes things look finished, adds colour, brings in other elements of texture and makes a space or home feel warm and inviting.So to help along with this process I have listed below my top five little detail moments that are a must when furnishing and styling.

Art – Artworks are a fabulous detail that can bring a whole scheme and space together, whether through colours, textures or patterns. Having a common colour running through more than one piece is a great way of creating a sense of continuity in a space and tying it all together.


Accessories – Think about candles, different styles of lamps, coffee table books, cards, photo frames, vases and the list continues. Putting all these elements together does not make things look cluttered it makes your environment or space feel like you and lived in. This is what we want to achieve!


Cushions – Do not underestimate cushions for a pop of colour. Usually a combination between two and three, one with a great pattern and the rest plain, or complimenting one another.


Blinds – Curtains – Adding softness to window treatments is another great way to add that extra little something to a beautiful space. Try plantation shutters or anything like that to add another dimension to your vertical space.




All these come together to create a style which is what styling is  all  about – But what is styling? Styling doesn’t need to be over  the top,  but it needs to be done. It just means a combination of elements that  you bring together to make a look or space feel great. So how do we  do it? Frames, lamps, stack of coffee table books, a little fern, candles  at different heights and vases. All these little elements add so much  to a space without you realising it.

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