Never under estimate the power of a beautiful rug! Rugs are a trend that will never go out of style, however lately Kilim and re dyed/treated rugs are becoming increasing popular, where old style rugs are given a new life by particular processes. Flat weave and sisal rugs are also so increasingly popular as they allow for very hardwearing surfaces that are super easy to clean, which is a dream for the stylish family, who wants an amazing rug but doesn’t want it to get ruined. This can also be achieved by layering different rugs that are different sizes and colour to add extra cushioning to hard floors, creates different style and use of your floor space.


I believe Rugs are very important when it comes to space and heres why:

1. Zoning of a space- by adding a rug down on the floor it gives you the ability to zone and ground that space, which is especially useful for open plan living. It gives that little area or zone a real purpose and by grounding the area it visually looks very pleasing, complete and inviting.

2. Comfort- A rug allows for a different texture and pattern to be introduced into a space, even if it is placed on top of already carpeted floor. If the original carpet is neutral another pattern or complementary texture really adds that extra layer. ” ”

3. Style- A rug just adds an instant lift to a room, it can be the final piece of the puzzle or the beginning element. It adds style and allows one to interact with your floor space in a completely different manner.

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