Today’s post is an extension of last week’s popular blog on “How To Think Like An Interior Designer.” I am going to be blogging about each individual tip I mentioned for the next couple of weeks to bring to you an extended understanding and inspire you on how to manage your renovation and spatial planning more effectively.


The first point I made, which is something that I consistently think about, but mainly when looking at a blank canvas is… symmetry. So, if you are right in the middle of sitting down with an architect or designer to sort out the bones of the new space you are renovating, make sure to think about it’s composition. Now not all compositions are symmetrical, but what I mean when it comes to symmetry is attempting to achieve a sense of “even-ness” (yes, I just made up a word) within certain elements in that space.


Think about windows, heights of windows, lines matching up with other lines, walls matching up or in line with other walls, entry spaces opening up into symmetrically placed windows or positioned centrally looking onto a whole set of bifold doors. Think about how the lines will impact the space visually when it is complete… which by the way is NOT an easy task to achieve, but if you flex that imagination like a muscle it begins to grow and grow.


These are all very important things and details that often get missed, which can often take your space from “oh it’s lovely” to “wow.” Spatial planning is all about experience as well as functionality so having these points in the back of your mind will assist in creating a very unique but functional experience for those who occupy the space.

Hope you are inspired to be a little more even and symmetrical in your day today. Images in todays post are sourced from my Pinterest so make sure to follow me.

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