If you have had a week like I have, you will be feeling the cold … a lot! So it is time to crack out the must-haves to help us get through the really cold nights… but stylishly of course. Here are some warm images to get you inspired. 5 Must haves to brace the cold

  1. The layers- lots and lots of layers and the best way to achieve this is blanks and throws. Add layers to your bed as well. it will help keep warm as the temp drops during the night while staying chic.
  1. The warmer cushions, large, woolie, full and knit cushions are the way to go. Thicker materials create density and hold warmth… and let’s face it they are also just overall a lot more comfy. Comfy is what we want when it comes to bracing the cold and again they look great. Cushions aren’t just for homes, cosy up the office too with some coloured, textured cushions.
  1. Lots and lots of candles to create mood lighting and that really warm and cosy feel… and again it’s not just for the home , these would cosy up any office.
  1. Change those light globes to warmer light to add to the cosy mood, it makes the room feel less bright and harsh, especially with the days shorter, coming home to a comfortable space is what we all want and need.
  1. Rugs and woolie socks! I know it is not like socks are an interior thing but it does help you keep the interior of your body warm, especially if you have bare and cold surfaces in your home. Changing those rugs to much thicker textures and plush piles really assist in creating warmth in the home during the colder months… but you can never go past those big fat awesome socks.
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