Do You Need to Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor in Perth? Here’s What the Government Has to Say

Electrical wiring can be a tricky element of owning a home or business. With each component connected – from switches and outlets to wires and panels – fixing an electrical issue requires expert knowledge.

Attempting to repair an electrical defect yourself can have harmful effects, either to yourself or the property. The Australian Government clearly recommends hiring an experienced electrician in Perth to carry out electrical installations and repairs, where qualifications and years of training enable them to safely perform complicated electrical work.

Discover the importance of working with the knowledgeable electrical contractors at Men Behaving Handy, and how to confirm an expert’s qualifications and experience.

Why you should hire a licensed electrician in Perth

Whether you’re looking to repair an ongoing issue or install a new electrical system, the risks of toying with electricity without the relevant experience is a dangerous game to play. Electrical fires occur earlier than you may think, with short circuits and minor leakages leading to electrical fires and physical burns within seconds. 

Hiring reputable electrical contractors in Perth not only ensures a safe environment to live or work in but provides a cost-effective service thanks to their expertise and guaranteed accountability through essential insurance. 

Any electrical contractor worth their salt will safeguard your home or business by getting the required inspections and permits for the work in question, ensuring your property and electrical wiring are in safe hands. From preventing circuit trips to identifying hazards, the specialist equipment and niche experience save you time and money in the long term. 

Checking accreditation for electrical contractors in Perth

Due to the complexity and high-risk nature of electrical wiring, it’s essential to check the qualifications and reputability of any electrician in Perth you hire. A professional electrical contractor will know the many regulations to adhere to and have the in-depth experience to tackle a wide range of problems and high-risk operations. 

The Australian Government provides a clear means to check the licence of an electrician before hiring, using their verification tool for Tradespersons, Contractors, and Businesses. This allows you to confirm their approved licence and bond, as well as proper certification. 

Checking they have acquired the right permits and inspections is also highly recommended, preventing your property from undergoing issues with redevelopment approvals or sales down the line. 

The wide range of electrician services in Perth

Hiring knowledgeable electrical contractors in Perth is an investment in the long-term functionality and building standards of your home or business. A qualified electrician from Men Behaving Handy provides a wide range of services for both residential and commercial clients, helping with minor issues such as fixing power outlets and smoke alarms to major rewiring projects.

Smoke alarms

Keep your property and its residents safe from the risk of fire with a range of functioning smoke alarms. Professional electrical services are the only way to guarantee a secure building.

Light fittings

Quality light fittings can transform a home or business into a warm, inviting space. Whether you need to repair existing lights or require full installation services for new bulbs and lighting fixtures, expert electrical contractors can restore, maintain, and install premium overhead fixtures and wall switches with guaranteed long-term results. 

Power points

A high-functioning property requires working power points and reliable surge protectors. Older buildings often have issues with electrical shortages and damage due to unprotected power outlets; professional electricians can upgrade the safety of the property while boosting its resale value.

Ensure longevity in new builds with the help of qualified electrical contractors, who can plan and install the ideal layout of highly-functional power points throughout the entire premises.


The continued innovation of electrical wiring and equipment has led to many older buildings across WA needing an upgrade. To safely handle this new surge of power, an enhanced switchboard is needed as an accompaniment. Knowledgeable electricians from Men Behaving Handy are adept at the installation, maintenance, and repair of new and existing switchboards


Quality wiring is at the heart of a well-function electrical system, from small private homes to large commercial premises. Investing in qualified electricians to complete new or upgraded wiring projects provides peace of mind the job will be carried out to the highest safety standards while catering to any customised requirement dictated by the property in question.

Reliable electricians at Men Behaving Handy

There are a few areas in life where it never pays to be frugal, and electrical systems are undoubtedly one of those areas. From maintaining a well-functioning property to ensuring the safety of all residents, employees, and customers within, hiring a qualified electrician in Perth is not just a smart decision but one highly recommended by the Australian Government. 

Men Behaving Handy offers reputable electrician services in Perth from well-established providers, providing thorough installations, repairs, and maintenance for residential and commercial electrical needs.

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