How Much Do Door Installation Services Cost In Perth WA (2023)?

A new door can transform the look and feel of your property. Entryways are typically one of the first things noticed about the front of a home or business, so a beautiful new door significantly increases curb appeal. 

Anyone looking to replace a door or outfit a new space would do well to research the cost of door installation in Perth, with both reliability and affordability influencing the best choice for the job. 

With prices for replacement doors ranging between $150 and $2,000, there are multiple key factors impacting the cost of your door installation – read on to learn more.

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What determines the cost of door installation in Perth?

The cost of a new door depends heavily on which type of doorway you are looking to install. Simple screen or bifold doors can cost between $100-$600, sliding doors $350, French doors around $500-$600, garage doors varying between $400-$2,000, and security doors typically start at $2,000 upwards. 

As well as the chosen door type, other factors affect the price of expert door installation:


There’s a significant variation between different types of door material, from affordable wooden options to more expensive fibreglass and steel. 

Size and shape

A standard entryway will cost less than larger French doors, and the price naturally increases to match the chosen door shape and size.


A more complex door design will affect the cost, for example, hand-made details or arched doorway is more expensive than standard design requirements. 

Interior vs exterior

As exterior doors must be highly secure and weather-resistant they typically cost more than interior doors. 

New vs replacement door

When a replacement door requires structural work for the installation, this can cost more than installing a new door as custom frames typically require additional fees. 

Choose from a wide range of materials 

The type of door and its materials plays a key role in the cost of external and internal door installation in Perth.


The natural look and feel of wood make it a popular choice, averaging $40-$250 for interior doors and $125-550 for exterior designs from a reputable door installation company in Perth.


Double-glazed windows on PVC doors are great for boosting energy efficiency, and as a cheaper alternative to aluminium, they are a cost-effective option for external door installation in Perth.


Wrought iron is often chosen for its decorative qualities, with the heavy frame and typically required additional structural support costing $1,250-$7,500.


The lightweight, anti-rust nature of aluminium makes them a popular option for both interior and exterior doors. While prices begin at $100, sliding aluminium doors typically start upwards of $2,500. 

Qualified internal and external door installation in Perth

Working with a reputable provider of skilled door installation in Perth is imperative for a durable, long-lasting new door. 

Find leading suppliers of door installation services with Men Behaving Handy, where qualified and experienced tradespeople – including carpenters and electricians – are available to carry out efficient, detail-focused exterior and internal door installation in Perth. 
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