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Today we are going to focus on an area of the home that can actually be a lot of fun to create…the kids’ rooms! If you are lucky enough to have the space to create really cool environments for the kids, then it should be a really fun and interactive experience, as it will be a space in which they will spend a lot of time in as well sleep. Here are my top five tips on how to start decorating the kids rooms.

  1. Never include a study area in the room, studying and homework does not belong in the bedroom. A bedroom is a place for quiet, reading, sleeping and retreat. The space should be a reflection of them as well as be fun and interactive on other levels that do not relate to school work. You can however add a chalkboard in there for lots of creative fun and a place to keep a list of all thing things they need to do or remember.
  2. Look at ways a room can be adapted from a kids room into an early teenagers room which can be achieved by neutral base colours and only using other major decorative elements as removable or timeless so that it wont be too expensive to upgrade as they grow up.
  3. Do not be afraid to display things such as their own personal artwork, clothes, backpacks etc. Have zones for the things that they need and have them displayed or hung at heights that they can reach themselves so that they can learn to be self sufficient or reach that book they are hanging to read.
  4. Create a colour palette of at most four colours with one colour being a neutral and the three others being contrasting bolder colours. Eg. Natural White, Blue, Mint and Black
  5. Storage, storage, storage. Only have in the room what is necessary and use built ins, large drawers or use custom storage units, benches to conceal the rest. If you are not able to use any of these items, think about how you can select funky storage boxes or cabinets and turn them into a feature piece for the room.

Below are four of my favourite online stores that have so many great items for kids rooms, you will be sure to find everything you need.

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