Material Palette: Stone in All its Glory

Stone is a wonderful thing and a beautiful material that allows you to add another dimension to your space, kitchen, bathroom or floors. It has many different applications as well as many different variations on the market, but currently, I am very much into marble and how beautiful and elegant it can make a space. I think it is an interesting material that allows one to really bring an element of luxury with modern finishes to create a timeless interior.

This is why I love a bit of marble for a feature material, its natural and beautiful and when it’s utilised in the right can make for an edgy look too… see many different positives. Real stone has many different imperfections that are actually unique. Today I am not talking about anything to do with price tags, I am not talking about how practical it is ( you would actually be surprised ) Today I am sharing some fierce marble inspiration as I am looking at how different textures used in one given space can add dimension and depth to your interior ( stay tuned. ) This is one material I am slightly obsessed with at the moment and cannot wait to get the right brief to use some. Here are some stone images to inspire:


 Hope you enjoy the material palette and that it provides you with some inspiration.

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