This week’s focus is on the centre of the home, the Kitchen. It is one of the most important spaces within a home as it is where you spend most of your time either cooking up a storm, entertaining or connecting with family and friends.

That is why it is essential to have a great design. We have focused on Kitchen design before over the last year on the blog, so today I want to inspire you with some great functional ideas that can be easily implemented into the home or kitchen design if you are renovating.


My number 1 tip for functionality in a kitchen is really important so remembering the triangle rule of thumb when it comes to your sink, oven and cook top is paramount. However, there are also some great other things to consider when thinking about how you like to be organised in your kitchen.

Here are some great ideas  which are fabulous DIY tasks or even something Men Behaving Handy can assist you with.
Ask yourself questions like the ones below to assist in figuring our what your needs are for your kitchen.

Do you like to have your baking elements organised separately to your other cookware?


Do you like to display things in your kitchen?


Is storage an issue?

Is it important for it to always be tidy and clean? (Let’s hope so!)


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