A must read for renovation and redesign projects

It is can be a very daunting task when renovating and to think about what it is you actually need and want. It isn’t widely understood that an Interior Designer really assists with this process in making sure that the builder and his/her team achieve the desired look and finishes that are needed.

It is the smallest details that often get over looked during the building process that can really impact on the overall end result. It isn’t also widely understood by many that when you see the end of result of a space or a home, that it was achieved through a lot of planning, designing and long processes. It does not happen over night, it takes time to collect and research all the bits and pieces to make the “perfect” end result.

Here are my top tips on what you should really think about when renovating and styling.

1. Make lists!!
I cannot stress this enough, make lists of what you require and need out of each space. Say you are designing and renovating a new bathroom. 
Think about the functions required in this space, what you do in the space and what you need it for… and the key is to be specific! For example: You are a husband & wife (newly married) renovating the main bathroom that will not be renovated again for a long time, so you need to plan ahead for children. Think about necessities such as a bath vs a shower or do you need both, storage, power points and lighting. If you have an ensuite you aren’t going to need space for your blow dryer and or your hair straightener. Keep that for the ensuite and then use this space to be a lot more adult friendly.

2. Have a vision
Doing your research and having references of spaces and looks you like is so important and will really assist in creating a good idea of how you want your home or space to look.

3. Finishes
Picking the right finishes is imperative so make sure to think about what is going to stand the test of time for major areas such as kitchens and bathrooms and do not get stuck in the “ oh it must be neutral to go with everything. “ If you have a clear vision, it is all about making surfaces and textures of finishes working together. Always start with the larger finishes like floors/walls/bench tops/tiles and then work down from there. Think about features if they are only decorative later on, if they are structural, make sure to get them sorted and decided with major finishes and the initial design stage. It is like a mini food chain, once that is all decided then you utilise the main finishes as your base to work in your style, furniture and decoration.

4. Always plan for it to take longer than you anticipated
It is the reality of renovating and re designing. It can take a lot of time and because there are many different stakeholders involved such as suppliers, trades, builders and processes, you must always be patient and plan for it to take a little longer than anticipated. It is just the joys of renovating, my advice is do not fight it, just go with it.


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