8d2c53eaa2ec14e581b9d76c9816dbf9At the moment kitchens are where it is at in the renovating world and so it should be, it is one of the most important areas of a home and not just because of food. I often like to describe it as the epicentre of the home, the first and main feature that begins to really tell your interior story.

Kitchens are where the entertaining happens and if you love to cook and bake, well say no more – it is your haven.

I am going to outline the four main trends that I am seeing happening and being requested by lots of clients when it comes to creating their dream kitchens.

1. Having your kitchen Design Savvy and different rather than just having a typical layout.

It is becoming increasingly more popular to have your kitchen design savvy in more ways than just through your appliances, it is all about taking the traditional layouts outside the box and making for lots more bench space, integrating dining and kitchen areas more seamlessly and designing cabinetry in really unique and interesting ways, combining interesting ways to display accessories and lighting in the kitchen area.


2. Integrating your appliances is a massive one currently, especially the fridge.  This allows for the design of the kitchen to become seamless and flow through without having appliances on show. It also allows for the kitchen design to become more seamless with the rest of the home design and open space allowing for the opportunity to make it an amazing feature.


3. Utilising your vertical space to the maximum.  This means taking your walls to new heights and your cabinets, this is a great way to take advantage of storage space but also to create some serious wow factor design elements in your kitchen space. I am also a very big fan of lighting when it comes to your kitchen and having feature pendants ground your space is a very important design element, as it allows for ambiance and creates visual interest.


4. Texture.  It is all about timber and combining your textures in your kitchen as well as hardwood floors being very popular choice over tiled floors. There is the misconception that timber is a no go in the kitchen or wet areas, however if it is treated in the correct way and sealed you should not have any problems!

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