My colour inspiration for the festive season

Are you excited for Christmas? yes, I know it’s still a long way off but with lives being busier it is never too early to prepare.  Are you embracing your inner stylist this silly season? Here is what I think is my favourite colour inspiration for the season, perfect for a dinner setting or party decor. Over the coming month, I take about all my inspiration behind the festive season and are here to inspire.

As the weeks go by Christmas is creeping up quicker and quicker, which usually means for a lot of us many different festive occasions and get-togethers that have to be attended, if in fact, you are entertaining yourself it can be lots of fun to create a festive environment. I want to really challenge the norm here when it comes to the festive season and I cannot lie, I very much prefer New Year’s Eve over Christmas. I feel as though the need to decorate and style for an event is something that is becoming more and more popular as it gives one the opportunity to create an environment and experience. I often ask myself why do we have to use traditional Christmas decor to create a festive environment? So, in saying this, I have a new colour inspiration that I feel is great for this summer season of festivity. It is a little different and would make for a great setting for a dinner party as I really feel the colours scream summer, relaxation and fun.

Orange and blue make for a perfect combination, they are two completely different tones that contrast so well and can be a very different colour inspiration for your festive occasions, it could be a pre-Christmas party or even a get together leading up to New Year. Put this combo together with a hot summer night, a great space, you have a winning combination. I think it is really important to think outside the square when it comes to colour, especially when it comes to events or entertaining, having a theme and or having a setting can really make for a great experience for your guests.

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