Interior tips to help save on your electricity bill

958a7e8738adbf228c5d507e6f4f2f4aWinter and the colder months are all about layering! By layering the home in different and unique ways we can save lots and lots on energy bills and having the heater going 24/7.

So here are four of my top creative tips to get you inspired.

 I go on about this a lot in my posts and on my blog but the sun is a very important part of warming your home during winter. Sun, Sun, Sun!! Open the windows and blinds, just because it is cold does not mean that you cannot have the windows open. Pick the appropriate time of the day and of course the appropriate day. Of course if it is raining non stop outside and very cold then you will not be opening your windows, BUT, if it is a beautiful sunny winter day, from the mid morning to just after lunch is a great time to absorb the sun into the home so that it feels warm.

A good way to figure this out for your home too is by looking at your orientation. Maybe open the blinds and windows a little in the part of the home that gets the most sun and then rotate to a different room at a different time of day when the sun has moved.


Layer your spaces! Blankets, throws and covers. If you have a really warm cover for your mattress for the colder months, now is the time to throw it on the bed. Thicker and woolier sheets are also a great way to go. Having decorative and warm blankets for the living room is also a great way to add warmth and keep warm. By adding cushions and layering rugs can also mean making the floors and furniture feel more cosy and warm. If you have very high ceilings or large tiled floors, this is very important to do, as you need to concentrate the warmth as much as possible.

Switch to lamps and turn off bigger lights during the evening. This makes for a cosier space and also saves lots of energy that you don’t really need to be using during the colder months. It psychologically makes spaces feel more enclosed and warmer.


Switch your light bulbs from bright light to warm light. This is a big one but also changing them to LED light bulbs will help you save so much money on your electricity bill. By changing the globes and the colour of the globes you are instantly creating a more intimate and warmer feeling within your home. If you cannot do this to major light fittings do this to the ones you can and all your lamps!

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