How to create a great home office

It is becoming more and more popular to work from home these days. What I see that meaning, for a lot of my clients, is the need to create a space that is somewhere they can focus and is practical and inspiring. In today’s post I want to share with you a few of my top tips into making your home office an inspirational working environment for you.

Firstly, it starts with being organized, which means having as much storage and desk space as possible. If you are a creative person like me you need all the room you can get because spreading out images, colours, textures, patterns is so much more enriching to your imagination than being cramped in a pile of butter paper and samples.

These are the best things to think about when planning your home office.


241513616dbda3f0be4bb199b1cc604fIf you have images that you love, quotes, or even if it is boring paper work and invoices that need to be paid, having a vision board or upholstered backdrop that acts as a pin board behind your desk or along a wall is a great way to display things. Have those ‘To Do Lists’ in your face so you do not forget what you need to get done. This is allows for it to become an artwork and feature in your space.


Sometimes as much as we would like to be able to achieve our perfect space through structural changes, we cant because we may be renting a studio space or it is just not feasible at the time. So think about using a particular colour that you love, which can act as a way of grounding your work zone or creating a bit of a theme so that it is not just a series of computers, printers and paper work. You can also bring in colour through your task chairs and lighting.


Paint a wall or a section of your space with chalk paint, allows for you to brainstorm, write those ‘To Do Lists’ and random ideas etc. Combine a vision board with a chalkboard wall and you are minimising use of paper and all the post it notes you write your quotes on.

Zoning your space


Giving your office specific task areas is really important, even if it‘s a Desk one end and client meeting & work table area at the other. This also gives you an opportunity to move away from the computer at times, because it can be a real drag sitting in the one spot all day.

Storage, storage, and more storage

e0078a21ada0f1ae46c59bac4d15d6fdThink about storage in a fun way, which brings me back to my first point displays. Displaying things that are aesthetically appealing in a unique way can solve storage issues, but sometimes this cannot be achieved if it is a whole box full of invoices. Maximise under desk space with portable drawers and or open cube shelves that can be arranged in multiple different ways. Think about what you actually really need at your desk and in your office versus what you really do not need. You will be so surprised what you end up getting rid of, especially if your space is zoned in different task areas.

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