Scale & Balance

Soft & Funky

Now we are getting to the part where we work with scale to create a really balanced space, whether it is to do with your furniture and all soft furnishings or planning your wall heights, window heights and space arrangements. Mostly though, I find your existing home or newly built home, a blank canvas, which will dictate to you how to begin to balance it out with different pieces of furniture to create your own unique look. How so? Maybe one of the questions you are asking yourself!

Space & Light

Well, these are for me the three most important things to look out for;

1. The height of the ceilings.
2. Window placement and height of sills and frames.
3. How major areas of activities are or will be zoned.

These three things allow you then to begin your search of the perfect layout and furniture pieces to create a sense of scale and balance.

Big & Bold

If you have really high ceilings for example, you should look at getting really large oversized paintings or images. Having something small on its own will look completely out of place. Alternatively with high ceilings but a very narrow hallway, then you may think about getting a very thin console and large mirror to assist in opening up the space and not crowding it.

Curves & Light

If you have a small room and a large window, you may consider very light and sheer curtains to add some texture and also lighten the room up. Hang them high above the window frame to make the walls appear taller.

These are just a few examples of how playing with proportions and scale will allow you to understand and utilise your space in a very effective way.

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