Style series week 1: Metal and raw

In the next six weeks I am going to take you through a series of what I think is the top six styles in interiors. Well, the most common combinations that is …as I want to inspire you to understand the different elements, looks and how to achieve them.

Week one is all about the industrial interior. This interior to me is very harsh but is also very warm at the same time because it is all about layering materials and textures, which you all know I love to do. It is very raw as materials that are used are not often treated the same as they would if we were looking at a classic style interior. It is all about dark colours, strong contrasts not just in colour but in materials, streamline lines juxtaposed with rough edges and materials. High ceilings, wallpapers, eclectic, warm, copper, timber, metal, bricks, small tiles, concrete and the list continues. An industrial interior can often be a little retro too!

To give you a little more direction take a look at a series of images I have chosen below to demonstrate how to achieve an industrial look. To complete your look, pendants with exposed globes, leather and glass accessories with layered rugs allows you to bring the style together, do not be afraid to mix match. 

Styling tip: Look a like wallpaper is a great way to get the exposed brick, timber cladding or concrete wall look in your home. Not too expensive and easily removed!


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