Trend alert: Concrete, really?


Have you been noticing it everywhere too? Well, if you have not, start paying attention because concrete is a material which is used almost everywhere, foot paths, buildings, roads, offices, homes …. did I mention it is everywhere? Well, now concrete is becoming the latest and hottest trend right now in furniture and decoration. I know what you are thinking… really? Yes, really it is and trust me, it works so well and can really look fantastic. I think it is very interesting how this new trend is being approached and it is quite refreshing to see how many can adapt the use of a material that is primarily used in major construction, break it down and turn it into something really stylish that can be used around the home.

It is literally popping up in everything, pendant lights, pot plants and even furniture. Those who have been following my posts for a while now will know how much I love mixing textures and that is such a great way to create a layered interior, so it really wont be coming as shock when you hear me say that, concrete in your home, kitchen bench tops and bathrooms is seriously awesome.

Some may think that it is cold and would make a space quite harsh, but like anything treated in the right way, textured and layered with other materials such as timber, copper, gold, brass, warm lighting and other stones it will be anything but. One of the other great techniques we are seeing coming through with the concrete is the rendering inside the home. Usually render is used for outside of the house but more and more it is becoming a much more popular application inside to really create a high end industrial, loft feel. Here are just a few photos to inspire and demonstrate how concrete is really the hot trend right now!! Let’s hope it does not become a fad!

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