Modern interiors and style to me are a real thing of the past, which is a little contradictory in itself, considering that we do live within a modern time, however, that real clinical look is really not my all time favourite…and I am being brutally honest. The reason it is not my preferred style is because it is so stark and can often feel like it lacks personally.

This, however does not mean that it cannot work and that you cannot have a clean look and not have personality at the same time. In my opinion this is what makes converting a style into the way you want it to suit your space and personality is where things begin to become very interesting as the way I interpret a style may be completely different to how you may want it. To me this is the beauty of design and interiors themselves, it is subjective.

A modern look is about clean lines, proportions, space and often finds itself hanging out with the minimalism style.

Take a look below at some inspirational images on a very sleek modern look. 

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