Oh Christmas Tree!

Christmas is around the corner, I know, I cannot believe it either and one of the biggest things at the moment apart from your wish list I’m sure, is being as sustainable as possible. The two really are not comparable nor do they rate against each other as sustainability and being environmentally friendly to assist our world is something that is a lot more important and on a whole different scale of huge in comparison to a wish list. The thing is, apart from environmental management, many different campaigns and initiatives that assist our environment there are hundreds of things we can do daily that allows us as individuals to help grow your eco friendly foot print. This brings me to today’s very special feature about an eco friendly Christmas Tree. Yes you read correctly, eco friendly, which means it is not green and like any other typical Christmas tree. Yes, it is a new take on the traditional notion of a Christmas tree but in the modern world we live in I think this is just the thing that can bring a truly uniquely new tradition to a home as well as supporting our environment.

It’s completely Made in Australia from sustainable wood sources, easy to assemble and very good looking if you ask me. I know it is completely different from what you would expect, but if it means one less tree gets cut down at Christmas time, so it can shine in your living room for a month, I am all for it.
It also brings a whole new notion to the concept of decorations for the tree and can really assist you in making a truly special look in your home interior depending on which way you arrange it. All the branches are supported in the centre and can be moved individually in any direction to create your Christmas look.

One, Two, Tree was initially developed the idea as they wanted something individual and eco friendly for their little boy. It is a tree that will surely last a lifetime… in fact that is it’s actual name- “The Lifetime Tree.”

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