What is your style



In today’s post I am asking you guys a question? What is your style? How loaded is that question…? Pretty huge right? And how does one even answer it?  Well, I have narrowed it down to being either a “Story Teller” or “Seasonal” … So which one of these two are you? !

I am a huge fan of Sarah Wilson, and if you don’t know who that is, then I recommend you make your way to her site ASAP. I am also a huge fan of everything that she stands for so she has again inspired this post, because here at JDZ we really like being rule breakers and stepping away from the crowd.

I am all about personality in your home because that is how you tell your story but I am also about keeping your home fresh and vibrant. The thing is I don’t mean this in a way that suggests that you SHOULD go out and buy new furniture every month or to match your seasons, I mean that your key pieces and elements around your home or office should stay constant, they should be timeless and always there, but that doesn’t mean that changing around your space buy adding in a new cushion that you fall in love with or a brighter colour candle in summer is ‘wrong’ if it appears on your coffee table… that is actually fine, there really is no right or wrong… it is what works for you and what embodies your personality.

If you want vibrance during summer, go get that sweet smelling candle, if you want to be warm in winter, invest in that super wooly bulky blanket that adds that texture to your key couch.

I want to find out from all of you whether you are a story teller in your home or you are more seasonal? Do you believe in having or finding elements that are talking points or different, has history and adds richness to your space?

The thing is, space plays a huge part in our lives especially our homes, it is where we live, it is where we develop a lifestyle, not to mention it impacts the way we feel and how others perceive us. This is why I believe personality and following the concept of creating a “healthy” space is by embodying you.

So, What is your style? Are a mixture of both or are you one or the other?

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