Why You Should Hire A Handyman for These 9 Commercial Services in Perth

When it comes to hiring someone for commercial maintenance, handyman services are the practical option. Typically charging a lower rate compared to specialised service providers, you’re accessing efficient, professional help at a more affordable price.

As well as working out well for your bottom line, hiring a handyman with the necessary tools and speedy skills for commercial building restoration and repair means finishing the job quickly without the risk of DIY repairs.

Let’s discover the top 9 ways a qualified handyman can help maintain commercial properties.

1. Commercial painting services in Perth

All businesses need regular paint upgrades, not only to appear professional and enticing to customers but to boost the market value of the property. Commercial building painting should be done inside every 3 to 5 years, and externally every 5 to 7 years, and a handyman offering commercial painting services in Perth will ensure a fast upgrade with long-lasting results

2. Commercial carpenter in Perth

From urgent repairs and regular maintenance to new builds and installations, qualified commercial carpenters in Perth provide a vast range of carpentry services for businesses.

Whether you need expert help with shelving, wooden benches, door frames, flooring, decking, and much more, you can rely on fast and affordable carpentry handyman services. 

3. Commercial plumbing contractors

Commercial properties suffering from plumbing problems are at risk of not only losing income but failing essential health and safety codes. Expert commercial plumbing contractors deliver prompt response times to any urgent plumbing needs; burst pipes, blocked drains, damaged toilets, leaky taps, faulty water systems, repairing water damage, and more commercial plumbing services.

Always hire qualified gas appliance fitters and installers to tackle any gas-related issues – never attempt a DIY fix.

4. Electrical

Knowing a reliable electrician to call is one of the most practical connections to have, whether you own or manage a commercial property. Hiring a trained electrician working as a handyman means any smoke alarm, wiring, light fitting, switchboard, or power outlet will be taken care of quickly, and correctly. 

5. Renovations and commercial restoration in Perth

Renovating a commercial property is a large undertaking, and it’s important not to let construction schedules interrupt usual business responsibilities. Hiring expert handymen for office or retail fit-out, renovation, demolition, or commercial restoration in Perth is a real-time-saver, with expert skills and top-quality equipment ideal for commercial building restoration in Perth.

6. Commercial building repairs and maintenance

Anyone working as a facilities manager or building supervisor knows the importance of keeping the property maintained to the owner’s standards. When it comes to taking care of commercial building repairs and issues quickly with reliable results, an experienced handyman offering commercial painting services in Perth can be a lifesaver. Working with Men Behaving Handy means accessing all the repair, replacement, and renovation support you’ll need – consider a bi-monthly or monthly contract to save money long-term. 

7. Property repairs 

Looking after multiple properties is incredibly time-consuming, and working with regular contractors means researching quotes, negotiating prices, and fitting into their busy schedules. Operating with a network of qualified handymen and commercial carpenters in Perth means a huge range of high-quality services and repairs can be acquired hassle-free with reliable results – a huge advantage to any busy property manager needing help with commercial building restoration and repair.

8. Office relocations

Moving offices has a reputation for wasting the valuable time of employees and therefore impacting your business’s ROI. Invest in a hassle-free move to new premises with the help of experienced handymen, who look after a range of relocation services, from safely moving expensive technology and equipment to efficiently setting up your new space as needed.

9. Cleaning 

Transform your business with professional cleaning services from adept handymen. Investing in the curb appeal of your property is key for attracting potential new customers, as well as providing a clean and hygienic commercial space for employees that prioritises workplace health and safety.

Reliable handyman services in Perth

Men Behaving Handy are proud to offer a vast range of helpful and efficient commercial building repairs and handyman services to the many trade, corporate, and Government businesses in WA. No job is too big or too small! 

Fill out a Job Request Form today to get started, or browse the wide range of commercial services online now, including commercial restoration in Perth.

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