Winter colour palette


As the weather gets colder and colder, as the season begins to change so does the requirements of our fashion and our home. There is always a huge debate about wether or not seasonal interiors is the way to go, but I honestly do not think it is a bad idea to have your interior offer and accommodate for the climate that we are currently living in. I have mentioned before that design is a full circle, what happens in interiors happens in fashion and in food, which is why I believe inspiration is everywhere.

This Friday I am sharing with you my top colour combinations and winter colour inspirational images that not only make me feel warm and fuzzy inside ( yes, you read correctly, to me they evoke a real sense of warmth ) but would be a great place to start with introducing some warmer tones into your home, through blankets, candles, rugs and accessories.

I think it is so important to think and look outside the box for inspiration, which is why the palette I have put together below is a college of things, places and foods that to me are the best way to discover a new colour combo for your interior.  I believe this winter season is going to be all about the texture combinations, tones and bright shades mixed with warm orange, plums and reds. Copper is big right now and can be found everywhere, as it is a great warm metal that can add elegance as well as a textural element to any space. It has so many different applications that your options are almost limitless! Teamed with any earthy or warm shade combo with greys, browns and orange and you have a winning winter interior palette.  Hope this keeps you warm for another week.

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