Why You Should Avoid DIY Tile Installation and Flooring

Quality flooring and tiling are the backbones of clean, contemporary homes. No matter your style preference, having durable flooring and protective tiling keeps each space protected for years if not decades.

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Having a say over the aesthetics and design details of your home is an amazing feeling, but attempting to install beautiful tiling in Perth yourself comes with plenty of risks. 

Read on to learn just how tricky DIY tile installation can be, and why our professional flooring services in Perth are a worthwhile long-term investment.

DIY tile installation. learn why diy tiling is not a good idea

What are the risks of DIY flooring and tiling?

From daily foot traffic to water damage in bathrooms, there are plenty of reasons to add protective tiled flooring, splashbacks and more throughout your home. The costs of renovations can make it tempting to try DIY installation of tiling and flooring in Perth, but one incorrect move can cause costly damage.

Placing down a few tiles may look easy, but there are many steps involved requiring specific knowledge and skills to complete correctly. Seemingly straightforward tasks like buying the right equipment, creating an aesthetic design, and calculating the number of tiles needed can quickly become complicated and derail the project. 

Incorrect tools

Selecting the right tools and equipment is the first step to any DIY tiling project. Purchasing the essentials such as trowels, buckets, sponges, a leveller, spacers, tile cutters, and more can seem clear cut, but too often inexperienced DIY-ers waste money on the wrong tools.

One of the advantages of our professional tiling services in Perth is that we have access to a wide range of tools as well as the niche knowledge needed to effectively prepare for each project; from bringing the right trowel (matching the tile size) to having a suitable diamond saw to cut tiles without breaking them. 

Damaged or cracked tiles

It takes experience and skill to cut tiles without breaking them. DIY projects can suffer from having too many broken tiles, leading to expensive wastage and even running out of tiles to complete the project. 

Highly abrasive tooth-free diamond saws are the ideal tool. One of the mistakes made by amateur tilers is failing to mark tiles before cutting, using too much pressure, and working too quickly. 

Unprofessional results 

There’s nothing worse than finishing a home renovation DIY project, taking a step back, and realising it looks inexpert and crude. For example, using the wrong grout or placing it incorrectly can ruin the finished look of all your hard work. 

While it may seem like a money saver to tackle projects yourself, investing in expert tile installation provides professional results guaranteed to last. This can often save you money in the long run, raising the property value and lessening damage from moisture, foot traffic, and impacts over time. 

Wrong layouts 

Installing tile floors, splashbacks, showers, and more takes careful planning, especially when a pattern is involved. Styles such as diagonal, herringbone, diamond, pinwheel, and more require careful measurements and detailed pre-planning to ensure accurate and visually appealing results. 

Failing to build your chosen design around accurate measurements can lead to plenty of lost time and money due to spoiled floor tiles designs.

A lack of durability 

Missing a few subtle steps can cause DIY tile installation and flooring to lack sturdiness over time. Failing to take correct measurements that take into account expansion joints is a common error, as tiles increase or decrease due to the surrounding temperature. Choosing the wrong tile adhesive can also cause issues, due to incorrect bonding or weight bearing.

Expert providers of flooring services in Perth understand the importance of each detail, as well as using a suitable tile sealer to keep your new floors or splashback protected and looking clean.

Lost time (and money)

One simple mistake can throw a DIY tiling or flooring project into confusion, and the resulting lost time or money can be incredibly frustrating. Failing to correctly plan ahead is one of the most common errors of do-it-yourself tasks, from not buying enough tiles to not preparing the space accurately before tiling. 

The time-consuming nature of quality flooring and tiling enterprises can often make it worthwhile to invest in professional services, freeing up your precious time to spend on other worthwhile endeavours. 

The benefits of professional tiling and flooring in Perth

When done properly, tiling in Perth adds immense value and aesthetic beauty to any space. Hiring professionals for your next project not only saves time but provides helpful expertise on the best solution for you. Key advantages of expert flooring services in Perth include:

  • Flexible and fast services
  • A wide selection of patterns, styles, and designs
  • Fully insured and licensed installers
  • Niche experience from years of 
  • Competitive pricing
  • Clear and friendly communication, and advice
  • Quality tiles installation guaranteed

Expert flooring and tiling services in Perth

Men Behaving Handy is here to help, providing superior services for tiling and flooring in Perth. Highly qualified and experienced tilers can complete any project to suit your schedule and budget, from beautiful bathrooms and kitchens to swimming pools and mosaics, including grouting, timber flooring, floor prep, and more. 
Get in touch today to book expert flooring or tiling services, or fill out a Job Request Form now!

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