Having a feature piece in your home

Some find it really difficult to introduce colour into the home and it can be really scary if it isn’t something you are used to doing or have the ability to visualise how it will look or work with your space. That is why sometimes I tell my clients to ease them into the concept, think about having a feature element that can be a beautiful accent for the space as well as an element that we work off to introduce small amounts of colour. This can be achieved through one feature wall, which by the way is not out of fashion, because it is all about personal taste, as well as a feature shelf, feature art work, feature chair, feature standing light or feature table, rug… again… I could go on and on.

I am working on a project at the moment where there is a lot of existing furniture but there are some missing pieces that are required to tie the look together. I unfortunately cannot share more information about it at this current time but as the project unfolds I will be able to share more information on how we went about finding some feature items to make the room work and add colour. It is also important to think about texture and how this can assist in bringing a space to life, if something feels soft and welcoming it is going to be a pleasure to sit on, look at and touch. As a designer I am a very tactile person and if it feels good as well as looks good, it is a winner. Texture as well as colour assists to create depth, accents, contrast and personality to any given space. If everything is the same, it becomes very boring.

There is always the option of selecting a beautiful and funky fabric and having that old piece of furniture re upholstered and brought back to life. You may think that it is not cost effective, however you would be surprised, it can often be cheaper than buying something new!!

Here are my top three picks from Ikea, Freedom & Feature Pieces that could easily become a feature piece for your home.

Perfect summer colour to add some warmth and brighten up your living area with a feature bold arm chair.


Different coloured chairs with different feature fabrics can be a great way to introduce colour and a feature piece to a dining or living area.


Lovely classic but modern side table with a matt painted finish adds for an interesting feature in any living area.

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