Have you heard of the world “ Tablescaping”? Well if not, fear not! It’s a new trend and concept that has just emerged with a play on words. My definition of tablescaping is bringing the idea of creating a landscape or a vignette, onto a table to set the scene for an event.

With Christmas around the corner it always means lots of get togethers, family occasions, big feasts, getaways and catching up with loved ones, which is the perfect reason to get your own event or dinner party looking festive.


Christmas comes with an already pre determined array of decorations that really suits the occasion, such as pine cones, anything red and green together, ornaments, candles, fairy lights and wreaths. I find it extremely interesting and comforting how this theme is carried through universally for centuries. However, with us here in Australia, we have always known Christmas as a very hot time of year. So my question to you is what reminds you of Christmas? What is Christmas from a decorative and spatial point of view? Is it a time that always means a long trip to the beach and family picnics? Or is it large roasts and lots of wine?

I ask these questions because I believe the best way to personalise and create a really great style, or look for your event, is to think about all the elements that make that event unique to you. Bring those elements into a table setting, or representations of those memories, into a table setting and you will have one fabulous tablescape.

Key things to think about when tablescaping this Christmas.


  • Height of different elements on the table to create a sense of composition
  • Pick two to three colours to work with
  • Pick three different elements and then decide whether you are going to take it all the way through to how you organise your cutlery, name tags and napkins
  • How can you make it fun and interactive?
  • Lighting and candles
  • Hanging decorations from the ceiling

My colour choices for this festive season are:

  • 95f9e6a1e7d70cfee67f8e692cfba164-150x150Red
  • White
  • Green
  • Natural tones and timbers
  • Grey
  • Colbolt blue and gold
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